Nick Spiel

Building device agnostic, future-friendly websites.

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Research & Development

This industry can change dramatically in just a matter of months. In order to stay up to date the hip new web tech I am currently skilling up in the following technologies / methodologies.


I am always looking to stay up to date with the latest web technologies and trends through online training and daily participation in web forums and communities. I also frequent industry meet ups and functions, especially when free beer and nibbles are on offer.

Work History

I have over 8 years of experience in the web industry in a variety of roles. I started out in print design and over the course of my career migrated towards web development. Below is a listing of my more recent work history.

  1. Digital360 - Web Developer

    Digital360 are a passionate bunch with a strong focus on conversion. I was employed as a frontend developer, working on complex mobile-first web builds in SilverStripe and Magento.

    While working closely on these sites with the backend developers I steadily built up my backend coding and server administration skills. I am now working in a more general developer role and enjoying the challenges of each facet.

    The most refreshing aspect of working at Digital360 is the high level of quality and attention to detail every member of the team aim for. I am immensely proud of the work we produce. Every project we work on is polished to the point (in my opinion) of near perfection.

  2. DPI - Web Developer / Project Manager

    Working with both internal clients and external departments, my role was to provide guidance and build professional, usable and engaging web sites and applications.

    Working with a wide range of web technologies, I joined the development team to create highly technical and feature-rich applications. The efficiency and quality of work that we produced saw our team become the leading web presence in Victorian Government which provided me with opportunities to both work and consult on many large projects.

    Given my experience with different facets of the industry, it felt natural to move into the role of IT Project Manager. In this position I was required to write functional specifications and supporting project documentation, build and follow project plans and manage project teams. I learnt a great deal in this role and enjoyed building valuable leadership skills.

  3. Alkemi International - Web Designer / Developer

    Working in a small web agency I was required to facilitate both the design and development of medium sized websites. In the Web Developer role, Alkemi’s large and diverse client base enabled me to gain experience in many different Content Management Systems including WordPress, Business Catalyst, Joomla, Magento and Shopify.

    Alkemi is fast paced web agency where at times I was required to wireframe and produce multiple interfaces each week.

    These tight deadlines forced me to streamline my design process to ensure projects were delivered on time.

    The quality of these designs did not suffer under this restraint, and still managed to fetch high conversion rates. These rates we so high that Alkemi guaranteed they would convert at 4% (which is double the rate of the average website). Working with the persuasion architect we met this guarantee with strict user experience methodology and proven SEO techniques.

    As Alkemi grew, my workload could no longer be sustained and I took on the role of Web Consultant, overseeing many out sourced projects and assisting with development when required.


Some kind words from those I have worked with recently.